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ProAktive is a group of companies specialising in risk management, insurance broking and financial advice. We have over 40 years of experience and have evolved successfully over time by organic growth. We are well known in the region and our name is synonymous with quality.

The purpose of ProAktive is to free you to do what you do best. We apply this mantra to all aspects of the business whether it is our staff, clients, service partners or ProAktive Partners.

Why become a ProAktive Partner?

Due to market conditions, competition, regulation, finance and overall risk it is very difficult for individuals currently working in the risk management and insurance market to break free and establish their own business.

A ProAktive Partnership takes away many of the barriers and provides you with a platform to build a successful risk management operation.

ProAktive People

ProAktive People all display the following characteristics;

  • Personable
  • Team Player
  • Enthusiastic
  • Presentable
  • Aptitude to Learn
  • Hard Worker
  • Integrity

If you can add to this drive and determination to grow your own business then a ProAktive Partnership might be the solution for you.


“If anyone is looking for an opportunity to go out on their own and are prepared to put the hard work in to take control of their future I would recommend ProAktive as the company to do it with.”

Simon Hogg

ProAktive’s first Partner